Eatwith Guest Map

Yesterday during dinner some friends had a really nice idea. Why not to create a map showing all the Eatwith guest that we had at home and showing the countries where they come from? Sounds nice right? Hands on it overnight and then here is the first draft. We will be updating it and putting some more photos etc.

Have you been with us and I missed it? Please let me know!

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Hi all,


At La Salsamenta we have lots of things to explain and sometimes 140 characters or a Facebook entry are not enough. That’s the reason why we have started this blog. A space where we want to tell you about recipes, cooking tips and also to share events and our food travels.


So at the end this will be a place where we will share our thoughts and stories and we’ll be very happy to have all of you telling about your ideas, comments and passion about this amazing world, the food!
See you soon!

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